Kyeongmee Chung takes the opportunity of the Korean Year in France to launch her eponymous label.

Young Parisian designer, she already has a long experience of working for famous luxurious good companies.

But in 2016 she operates a radical change and plunges into her bicultural universe : by both Korean through her roots and French through her professional life, to create her new concept.

Enriched by two distant and opposite cultures, Kyeongmee Chung combines to perfection French taste and refinement to Korean crafts methods thanks to her research on Korea’s precious silk and cozy merinos wool, introduce in France by Queen Marie-Antoinette.

Strong contemporary art lover, Kyeongmee Chung studies the pureness of geometrical shapes. She adds French taste and sensibility to the shimmering colors of “The Land of the Morning Calm”.

In the heart of her Parisian studio, she draws her collection that is handmade afterwards by a small group of craftsmen.